How Do I Start My Own FanFiction?

Please read before posting your first fanfiction!

How Do I Start My Own FanFiction?

Postby Ani » 17. Mar 2011, 03:46

1. Please be aware of that we've built up this community by dividing the different ratings. Before starting a new topic, please know which rating will suit your fanfiction best. Also consider the further development of your work.

2. After you've decided which rating will suit your fanfiction best, click on it to enter the respective forum.

3. By clicking on the button "New Topic" a new topic page will open. Now you can start publishing your own piece of writing art.

4. Please don't forget to type the story title into the "Subject" field.

5. General information about your fanfiction must be posted in your very first post. This is needed for the readers and will give them some information about your story.

  • Summary
  • Pairing
  • Genre
  • Rating
  • Warnings
  • Disclaimer

Now you may start with posting the first entry. Congratulations!

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